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Insecticides, Pesticides, Fertilizers & Mosquito Control


Insecticides are agents that assist in the control of unwanted insects. Insecticides work by either killing insects or simply preventing them from continuing their damaging behaviors. Insecticides can be chemical or organic in composition. There are general-use insecticide formulas for dealing with multiple types of insects as well as products that target a specific insect pest such as gypsy moth traps.


Historians have been able to trace the use of pesticides to around 1000 B.C. Pesticides refer to any pest-controlling agent that is effective against specific insects, rodents and even some microbial pests such as fungi. Professional pest control is performed by a licensed technician and may be the best recourse in cases of a wide-spread and persistent infestation.

Chemical Fertilizers

Chemical, or inorganic, fertilizers are also widely available in a variety of commercial formulas and can be purchased at most home or garden stores. Chemical fertilizers contain within their label formulaic information that can be important when choosing which product is best for your plant

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